Strategic Product Manager from Brooklyn, NYC

Strategic Product Manager from Brooklyn, NYC

About us
I develop experiences! I manage products from the concept stage to the wire framing to prototype to a successful launch.

About me

I manage and facilitate communication during the development of web/mobile applications. Coordinating workflow between internal team members such as designers and developers to client-side managers and stakeholders.


With over 5 years experience I mainly focus on defining and executing product roadmaps based on business vision, market trends, customer feedback and business analytics. My role is as strategic as it is tactical; with an overall focus and goal to add value to the organization and customers.


Develop and manage on-going business relationships. Following are some of the clients I have worked with in the paste.
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  • Untitled-28_0005_rickross.png
  • Untitled-28_0001_Unyforme
  • Untitled-28_0002_Unknown
  • Untitled-28_0003_Star_Wars_Logo
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  • Untitled-28_0006_PVLG680_grande_grande
  • Untitled-28_0007_New_Jack_Logo_2010
  • Untitled-28_0008_NBN-SM-BLK2-1
  • Untitled-28_0009_MUSIC-LOGOS12-940x520
  • Untitled-28_0010_island_def_jam_logo
  • Untitled-28_0011_image52
  • Untitled-28_0012_hh_logo
  • Untitled-28_0013_HD-Pepsi-Logo
  • Untitled-28_0014_farruko1
  • Untitled-28_0015_dj_mos_logo
  • Untitled-28_0016_Dj Flash Logo-01
  • Untitled-28_0018_d3NChSeq_400x400
  • Untitled-28_0019_brisk-logo
  • Untitled-28_0020_559288_314190871981208_1229137819_n
  • Untitled-28_0022_0922c68
  • Untitled-28_0023_850_Chuck_grande_201312062038104d6
  • Untitled-28_0024_130
  • Untitled-28_0025_2Chainz-Logo-Gold-3


New York

200 W 39th ST. #50 New York, NY 10018

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